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CompanyGuangzhou EPARK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest 9D VR and XD cinema manufacturers in Guangzhou with factory occupancy area about 5000 square meters.With a manufacturing history of over 12 years, we improve and develop our products continuously, our products include advanced 9D VR, 5D/7D/9D/12D and XD cinemas, coin operated game machines including children game machines, gift machines and game simulators, all with good quality and advanced technology.Professional ...
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Two 40HQ Cabinets Were Successfully Shipped To Libya
Two 40HQ Cabinets Were Successfully Shipped To Libya   It is reported that on May 26, two 40HQ cabinets filled with popular arcade game machines were successfully shipped to Libya. This is an   important shipment that brings a new experience to the Libyan gaming market.   These game consoles come from EPARK, and have extremely high evaluations in terms of gameplay, product quality, and user experience. It   is understood that these game consoles include the most popular arcade games currently on the market, such as "The King of Fighters",   "Samurai Soul", "Contra", etc., as well as a variety of competitive games, such as "Glory of the King", "Peace Elite" and so on, to meet the   needs of different players.   This transportation has been supported and affirmed by the local government, which will bring positive impact to the local economy and   entertainment industry. The increase of arcade game machines will drive the prosperity of the local game market and improve the quality of   entertainment life of local residents. At the same time, the transportation has also promoted the development of the domestic game industry   and promoted Chinese game culture.   The successful holding of this transportation is also an affirmation and recognition of the high-quality products of the Chinese game industry.   In the future, we believe that more Chinese game products will go global and jointly promote the development of global games.