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Company News About EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Malawi
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EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Malawi

Latest company news about EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Malawi

EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Malawi


On August 10, 2023, it is reported that a batch of exciting entertainment equipment is being shipped to Malawi. EPARK successfully filled one 40-foot container with a variety of exciting arcade game machines, which will bring new vitality and opportunities to Malawi's entertainment venues.

The arrival of this batch of arcade game machines marks that Malawi's entertainment industry has entered a new stage. These gaming machines will provide local residents and tourists with a fun and exciting entertainment option. Whether it's a classic arcade game or a modern multiplayer game, it will bring laughter and entertainment to Malawi's community.

As a game equipment supplier, EPARK demonstrated its professional logistics capabilities and high-quality products in this transportation. The company safely packaged and shipped the arcade machines to their destinations, ensuring the equipment was in perfect condition. This not only proves the company's leading position in the game industry, but also makes a positive contribution to the development of Malawi's entertainment industry.

In this era of digitization and technological development, entertainment options have become more diverse and plentiful. The introduction of these arcade game machines has brought a whole new world of entertainment to the residents of Malawi, allowing people to relax and enjoy the fun of games in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

With the introduction of these arcade game machines, it is reasonable to expect that Malawi's entertainment industry will flourish, injecting new vitality into the local economic growth and community culture. This is not only an ordinary logistics transportation, but also an important milestone in the development history of Malawi's entertainment industry.

Let us look forward to these arcade game machines bringing more joy and opportunities to Malawi!


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