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Company News About 3D Classic Car Rocking Machine
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3D Classic Car Rocking Machine

Latest company news about 3D Classic Car Rocking Machine

Product name: 3D Classic Car Rocking Machine
Product material: hardware machine bracket + plastic body
Product LCD screen: 17 inches
Product load: less than 50KG
Product size: W65 * D150 * H110CM
Packing wooden frame size: W75 * D160 * H120cM
Product color: burgundy / yellow / ochre / white, 4 colors available

3D rocking machine has video, there are game programs, children rocking while learning to enjoy the interactive fun of the game, exercise hand-eye coordination, develop intelligence! Stronger fun, higher income! Wide range of applications: Super
Stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, baby products stores, various toy stores, children's hospitals, community hospitals, community squares, community parks, children's playgrounds, etc.

How to play:
1. Put in game coins, turn left or right to select the game and game scene, tap the confirm button in the middle of the steering wheel to start the game, and start the countdown.
2. In the game, turn the steering wheel to the left or right to control the car in the LCD screen to move the car to the left or right to move to the position of letters, fruits, and gold coins to obtain scores.
3. Count the score at the end of the countdown and learn small knowledge.