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Company News About 4 People Fishing Machine
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4 People Fishing Machine

Latest company news about 4 People Fishing Machine

Guangzhou 4 People Fishing Machine 55" coin amusement fish game table gambling machines for sale




1. Arcade Fishing Game Machine,It makes players feel fun and enjoyable and can improve the thinking response;
2. A plus quality and high resolution HD LCD screen, virtual reality;
3. The vast mysterious ocean scene, cute, funny cartoon image design, in line with children's aesthetic.360-degree somatosensory handle, more freedom, more flexible.Force feedback and vibration and back twist eggs, you can throw the rod can also be put rod.
4. Maximum support six simultaneous games, very suitable for young friends, couples, parent-child activities of the game.
6. To reach the corresponding lottery can be exchanged, and another mysterious award for bait.
7. Can work for high and low revolution game board;
8. Easy to operate and handle, coin operated, low managing cost;

9. It's suitable for rental shop, supermarket, amusement park and other business purpose.Good sale performance in the world market.

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