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Company News About Big Pendulum VR
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Big Pendulum VR

Latest company news about Big Pendulum VR

EPARK hot selling amusement park ride

Super Pendulum VR

Super Pendulum VR is another new vr machine which developed by EPARK company! Simulating the new vr game of the amusement park big pendulum design, the seat can not only swing up and down, but also can 360-degree rotation, which not only simulate the real big pendulum's track, but also add more exciting fun experience.
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latest company news about Big Pendulum VR  1
Item: Big Pendulum;
Platform Size: L210*W246*H210 CM;
Voltage: 12-220V;
Power: 4KW;
Player: 2 peoson;
Moving up and down: 30°~360°;
Maximum load: 450KG ;
Maximum output power : 5000W;
Rated speed : 2000rpm;
2 dof Electric Dynamic System