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Company News About deadstorm pirates
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deadstorm pirates

Latest company news about deadstorm pirates
A large-scale shooting game of cockpit basket, in which the player will be in the era of large navigation, looking for the legendary secret treasure of pirates. In the process of treasure hunting, the player will encounter three sea monsters guarding the secret treasure. Can you use the golden gun and the cannon of the pirate ship to defeat the sea monsters? It depends on the players' skill in the game.
The machine is equipped with large screen LCD and surround stereo to create an excellent audio-visual environment for the players, and the player's seat also has powerful feedback function. In the fierce battle, it will shake along with the gunfire and rapid sailing, giving the players a more real game experience. In addition, the ship rudder controller is also set in the middle of the machine. In the specific scene of the game, the players can operate the pirate ship by themselves Avoid obstacles or enemy attacks.

In the game mode, the cooperative play reward is specially set. When two people work together, the game will be more fun. There are many games languages, which can make the players of different languages free from obstacles.latest company news about deadstorm pirates  0latest company news about deadstorm pirates  1latest company news about deadstorm pirates  2