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Latest company news about EPARK  DOZEN DEVIL

New Arrival DOZEN DEVIL Shooting Ball Machine coin operated arcade shooting gun game machine



1. Double Devil Shooter is a 42-inch double screen shooting game for 6+ people.
2. There are four national terrains, including China, Dubai, France and Egypt, each with a rich set of scenarios.
3. Players act as cute elves, looking for treasure beads in the virtual world, collecting 5 orbs, playing against Boss, and getting high scores.
4. The game also features special mini-games "Green Ambassador" and "Balloon Tracking". During the game, you can get small game rewards by shooting special symbols in the scene.
5. The machine can set the coin-operated or free mode, and can set up a refund or no refund, and support joining or renewing at any time.

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DOZEN DEVIL is one of hot sale arcade machines.due to the machine price so reasonable,and the game very attractive.Come to check our game machine quality!

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