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Company News About EPARK newes bowling game machine
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EPARK newes bowling game machine

Latest company news about EPARK newes bowling game machine

The chassis is mainly made of wood, which is non-toxic and has a heavy atmosphere. The edges are smooth and do not hurt your hands.
The chassis sticker uses blue as the main color, and the characters are cute animal cartoons.
A large number of LEDs and bulbs are used as decorations. After the machine is powered on, it creates a soft and cheerful atmosphere in the light changes, which is very attractive to children.

The game simulates bowling. The ball passes wide on the lane, and the optical eye sensors on both sides of the lane accurately synchronize the ball's trajectory to the big screen. When the ball reaches the end of the lane, it passes through the optical eye sensor at the end of the lane. Capture the position of the ball, calculate how many bowling pins can be hit, and display the status of the bottle after being hit on the screen.

In the video, you can see cheerful animals, and as the ball moves, they will respond differently.

This children's game machine is the latest product developed by our factory. Welcome to inquire.