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Company News About EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Nigeria
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EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Nigeria

Latest company news about EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Nigeria

EPARK Shipped One 40HQ Cabinet To Nigeria


On August 7th, EPARK successfully filled one 40HQ container loaded with a large number of arcade game machines, ready to be shipped to Nigeria.

EPARK is a company focusing on the research and development and sales of game entertainment equipment, they are committed to providing high-quality and innovative game console equipment. The shipment of a truck loaded with arcade game consoles marks an important progress in the company's efforts to continue expanding overseas.

Located in West Africa, Nigeria is a rapidly growing economy. As the country's economic strength continues to grow and people's living standards are improving rapidly, the demand for entertainment equipment continues to grow. Therefore, EPARK chose to transport these arcade game machines to Nigeria to provide local people with more entertainment options and leisure activities.

Through the transportation method filled with 40HQ containers, EPARK effectively sends a large number of game consoles to the destination at one time, thereby improving transportation efficiency and reducing costs. This will be an important boost for Nigeria's gaming and entertainment industry, helping to meet the needs of local residents for gaming and entertainment.

EPARK's high-quality game consoles are highly praised for their exquisite manufacturing techniques and diverse game selections. Whether young or old, they can find their favorite games on these arcade game consoles and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Nigeria will usher in a new trend of game entertainment, and EPARK's vision is to bring entertainment benefits to more people by providing high-quality products and services. The transportation of game machines in one 40HQ container is just a milestone in the overseas market expansion of EPARK, and it also brings more opportunities and challenges for the company's development.

We look forward to providing more entertainment options and stimulating the development of the local game industry after the arrival of arcade game machines in Nigeria. EPARK will continue to strive for innovation and bring more excellent game entertainment products to the global market.


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