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Company News About lollipop vending machine
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lollipop vending machine

Latest company news about lollipop vending machine
Manufacturer of automatic selling gift mechanism of Lollipop
Coin operated game machine indoor game equipment of children's Park.
Introduction of children's colorful lollipop vending machine

1. Products designed around the theme of candy, with colorful candy appearance, can attract more attention.
2. The color lamp rolls out the prize, and the light is dazzling.
3. Children prefer to eat candy, such as marshmallows, popcorn and other products, which are safer and more secure.
4. The machine is small and does not occupy an area. It is suitable for various places to put and operate. You can choose many kinds of candy to put.

Children's lollipop vending machine
1. Coin or scan for payment, press the key to start.
2. Press the button again, and stop at one of the positions 1-4 as the value jumps.
3. Drop as many sweets as you want.

4. Take out the candy from the take out.