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Company News About One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Germany
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One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Germany

Latest company news about One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Germany

One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Germany


This Sunday, a large container ship sailed smoothly, carrying a batch of novel and interesting entertainment equipment, to Germany, hoping to


add more fun to the local entertainment life.

This batch of goods consists of one 40HQ container, which is loaded with various game equipment, such as boxing arcade machines, hockey


arcade machines, bowling balls, etc. These devices are the latest styles, with excellent craftsmanship and high-quality gaming experience.

Boxing Arcade is a very exciting game device that allows players to feel the real punching sensation in a virtual boxing match. The hockey


arcade is a team game that allows multiple people to play together and experience the exciting atmosphere of the game. Bowling, as a


traditional sport, has also been well restored in arcade games, making the event experience more realistic.

The origin of this batch of goods is China. After careful packaging and airtight transportation, the equipment is guaranteed to be free from any


damage and influence. Once arriving in Germany, these game devices will be used in various entertainment venues, shopping malls and other


public places to provide the public with a higher-quality, all-round gaming experience.

In short, these game devices will become a bright spot in German leisure and entertainment venues, bringing more joy and fun to the local


people. I believe it will become the new favorite of local young people and tourists!



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