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Company News About One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To India
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One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To India

Latest company news about One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To India

One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To India


Recently, a batch of popular indoor arcade games were packed into one 40HQ cabinet during a transportation, ready to be shipped to India,


bringing the thrill of reminiscing classics to local young people.


This batch of indoor arcade games includes classic games such as "Contra" and "Tekken", as well as some latest challenging games such as


truck racing and shooting. Whether it is a player or a large group of teenagers, you can find them here The way you like to play.


It is understood that these indoor arcade games are designed to meet the local game entertainment needs in India, and also to promote the


development of the Indian game industry and bring more game skills and innovations to local game lovers.


The transportation task is handled by a professional logistics company, and strict transportation measures have been taken to ensure that


each game console can be kept intact during transportation.


The arrival of these indoor arcade games will inject new vitality and impetus into the Indian game market, allowing more young people to feel


the charm and fun of games.


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