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Company News About One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Türkiye
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One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Türkiye

Latest company news about One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Türkiye

One 40HQ Cabinet Shipped To Türkiye


Recently, a batch of exquisite arcade game consoles were successfully shipped to Turkey, achieving the audience's ultimate experience in


game entertainment.


On May 15, one 40HQ container was successfully loaded with dozens of arcade game machines, and departed from the place of delivery to


Turkey, and the expected arrival time is the end of May.


These arcade game machines adopt the latest game technology and design, including classic street basketball, dance wars, naughty castle


and other games. They have high-definition display screens, realistic controllers and audio equipment, providing players with the ultimate


gaming entertainment experience.


According to the buyer, these arcade game machines will be installed in entertainment venues and shopping malls in Turkey to provide local


people and tourists with a high-quality game experience and meet their needs for game entertainment.


The arcade game machines shipped to Turkey this time fully demonstrated the strong strength and high-quality products made in China, and


also injected new vitality into the game entertainment market in Turkey. We believe that this will be a successful cooperation, and we look


forward to more international cooperation to promote the deep integration of Chinese manufacturing and the global market.


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