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Company News About One 40HQ Cabinet To America
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One 40HQ Cabinet To America

Latest company news about One 40HQ Cabinet To America

One 40HQ Cabinet To America


Today is March 31, and it is also the last day of the Tournament. On this important day, a batch of precious equipment will be shipped to


America, including VR egg chairs, hockey, swing cars, etc. The shipment of this batch of equipment marks the continuous development and


growth of China's sports industry on the one hand, and on the other hand It also brings more diversified and high-quality sports equipment to


overseas users. It is hoped that these devices can bring success and happiness to more athletes, and make greater contributions to the sports


industry all over the world.

EPARK focus on the research, design, manufacturing, installing and selling the Luxury Entertainment Equipments.

Such as the 9D VR, virtual reality shooting game simulator, VR Racing car, 5D 7D 9d 12D dynamic cinema systems,

Big outdoor amusement game machines etc.

With us your money in safe, your business in safe !


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