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Company News About One 45HQ Cabinet Shipped To Libya
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One 45HQ Cabinet Shipped To Libya

Latest company news about One 45HQ Cabinet Shipped To Libya

One 45HQ Cabinet Shipped To Libya


It is reported that on June 2, a batch of 45HQ cabinets filled with game consoles was successfully shipped to Libya. The goods were exported


by EPARK and brought in by a local game equipment dealer. It is understood that these game consoles will bring a new gaming experience to


Libyan game lovers and help the development of the local game market.


At present, the game market in Libya is relatively backward, the penetration rate of game equipment is not high, and the market size is small.


The game console exported this time integrates many popular games, has high-definition picture quality and smooth operation, and is very


attractive. In the long run, these game consoles are expected to promote competition and innovation in the local market and inject new vitality


and impetus into the Libyan game industry.


It is understood that the exported game consoles have passed the customs inspection and arrived at the destination on time. This not only


demonstrates the influence and competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the global market, but also provides strong support for bilateral


cooperation and cultural exchanges. Although the current international situation is complex and changeable, Chinese enterprises will still


adhere to the strategy of going out, continue to expand overseas markets, and open up new development opportunities.



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