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Company News About Rail Shooter Games
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Rail Shooter Games

Latest company news about Rail Shooter Games
Rail shooters limit the player to moving around the screen while the game follows a specific route; these games often feature an "into the screen" viewpoint, with which the action is seen from behind the player character, and moves "into the screen", while the player retains control over dodging. Examples include Space Harrier (1985), Captain Skyhawk (1990), Star Wars: Rebel Assault (1993), Panzer Dragoon (1995), Star Fox 64 (1997), and Sin and Punishment (2000). Light-Gun games that are "on-rails" are not in the shoot-em-up category but the FPS category,and the term has also been applied to scripted events in first-person shooters such as Call of Duty.
Our game machine Let's go Jungle and Deadstorm Pirates are rail shooter games, too
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Size:L153.6*W276.5*H219.5 CM
Power: 450W
Weight: 350KG
Player:2 players
In the game of Let's go Jungle,Players assume the roles of dysfunctional couple Ben and Norah, who are going on an island tour to work out their problems. Co-op is available as a mode of play, though one may play alone as well. Players must make their way across the island of Spice, while killing mutated animals and insects, such as frogs, leeches, spiders, water bugs, fleas, and flies, along the way. The players are given FN FAL assault rifles early in the game to fend off the creatures, and this will be the primary weapon for use against the creatures. However, sometimes improvised weapons, such as paddles and slingshots, will have to be used. All weapons are controlled by a light gun controller on a mounted fulcrum.
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Size:L190*W260*H213 CM
Power: 450W
Weight: 360KG
Player:2 players
In the game of Deadstorm Piratesis, players are given unlimited bullets and a navigation system. The story details the Pirate's attempt to find Poseidon's Breath, a mighty Treasure Galleon with an extremely valuable trinket.