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Table hockey

Latest company news about Table hockey

Ice hockey has become one of the Olympic games since the 1920 Summer Olympics. In 1924, it was changed to the Winter Olympic Games. Since 1998, women's ice hockey has also been added to the Olympic Games.
Previous events

A chart showing the top ten rankings of men in the world of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 2003. This ranking is calculated according to the ranking of the Olympic Ice Hockey Competition and the World Ice Hockey Championship.
At first, Canada was a superpower in ice hockey, winning 6 championships in 7 men's ice hockey competitions. In 1956, the Soviet Union participated in the Winter Olympic Games for the first time and won 7 championships in the next 9 games. If you add the CIS after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1992 and Russia after 1994, the Soviet and post-Soviet ice hockey teams won 12 medals in 14 games, of which 8 were gold medals.

Canada and the United States are powerhouses in women's ice hockey. Nordic countries such as Sweden belong to the second group.


However, due to the limitation of the venue conditions, many people like to play the table kun ball, which is fun and convenient, and adds a lot of fun to life.

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