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Company News About Two 40HQ Cabinets Shipped To Bolivia
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Two 40HQ Cabinets Shipped To Bolivia

Latest company news about Two 40HQ Cabinets Shipped To Bolivia

Two 40HQ Cabinets Shipped To Bolivia


Recently, two 40HQ cabinets were shipped to Bolivia, filled with popular indoor arcade games, which aroused great interest from Bolivian



These indoor arcade games include popular games such as claw machines, street basketball, and racing drivers. Each arcade machine is


equipped with multiple handles, which can be used by multiple people to play at the same time. It is understood that these arcade games are


very popular in the Chinese market, and now they will be introduced to the Bolivian market for the first time.

The cabinets for arcade games this time were transported by a Chinese transportation company, and after several days of long-distance


transportation, they have arrived at their destination in good condition. The Borian citizens who received this batch of arcade games were very


excited and expressed their expectation to experience these popular games. It is reported that these arcade games will be set up in public


places such as shopping malls for citizens to play for free.

This transportation demonstrates the importance of cultural exchanges between China and Bolivia, and also provides Bolivian citizens with


more interesting entertainment options. The introduction of these arcade games will also promote trade and economic development between


China and Bolivia.


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