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Company News About VR Bicycle
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VR Bicycle

Latest company news about VR Bicycle

EPARK VR spinning bike revolves around the themes of "happiness", "fitness", "technology" and "fashion" to achieve the perfect touch of fitness and high-tech entertainment. Wearing VR glasses can enjoy a lifelike virtual experience and enjoy an unparalleled sense of immersion! The 360° seamless high-definition picture allows you to transform into a rider, flying in the sky to enjoy the amazing and wonderful scenery! Step on comfort and health during cycling! Say goodbye to boring, and lose weight can also "hi"!

Model NO.:EP-VR048;
Product Size:L165*W80*H264CM;
Computer Host:x150+cpu i5 6400+1050TI+4G+240G+memory8G;
Game:4 pcs;
Display size: 42-inch TV