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Company News About What is VR?
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What is VR?

Latest company news about What is VR?

Virtual Reality, abbreviated as VR), also known as Lingjing technology, is a brand-new practical technology developed in the 20th century. Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, and simulation technology. Its basic realization method is that the computer simulates the virtual environment to give people a sense of environmental immersion.


With the continuous development of social productivity and science and technology, the demand for VR technology in all walks of life is increasing. VR technology has also made great progress and has gradually become a new field of science and technology.


Our products are sold all over the world.

Both of our products have obtained CE certification and received good feedback from customers.

Recently, the best selling products are VR products, such as VR RACING CAR, VR Motorbike, everyone is welcome to order, and the price is very affordable now.

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